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The Gifyyy Go-Pack Battery (dual-output)

The Gifyyy Go-Pack Battery (dual-output)

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A handy portable power-pack for ultimate wireless Gifyyy freedom. The GoPack powers BOTH the Gifyyy ring-light for up to 6-9 hours, and a USB device. The additional USB output (5V, 1A output) can hold your iPad battery during events, or charge a mobile data hotspot/phone.  Features high quality li-ion batteries, dual outputs, and 500 cycle life (around 1000 events!)

Includes charger, magnetic mount kit, and install instructions.

Please note that the GoPack USB charge port will keep most iPad battery levels at a constant rate during events, but it will not actively charge while the iPad is in use (because the iPad consumes more power than the GoPack supplies.  For example the 12" iPad uses much more power than a 9.7" iPad)  However, your iPad will last MUCH longer when using the GoPack vs. not using the GoPack.

The GoPack must be charged before first use.  Charging time is 2-3 hours with the included charger.

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