Imagine a photobooth that fits into any busy professional workflow to help GROW your business.

hand holding the gifyyy kit, packed in its carry case

What is Gifyyy?

The Gifyyy photobooth combines elegant hardware with integrated software, resulting in an ultra-simple product that can be carried in one hand, set up in 5 minutes, and left to run by itself.

  • Quick to set up
  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal, small package
  • Not to mention - Super fun!

Gifyyy’s photobooth is designed with all that in mind.

Give the gift of GIFs to your guests. Gifyyy creates super-fun animated GIFs and delivers them straight to their smartphone. They can then share to social media, and even browse a stream of all the GIFs from that event. 

And even though all good things come to an end, Gifyyy keeps on giving! At the end of the event, you can use Gifyyy’s follow-up SMS and email capture tools to keep in touch! Bring more traffic to your website by sending out bulk SMS with the link to the event and building a mailing list for your promo event.

Are you a wedding planner, wedding photographer, venue, photobooth company, or a DJ? 

This is for you! Time to invest in your business!

Gifyyy is here to be the ice-breaker for event guests, while you focus on the event photography coverage!

Within 5-6 bookings of Gifyyy, you can see a return on your investment!

 A $3k profit in your first year with Gifyyy is equivalent to:
☕️ 1000 cups of joe
📷 A new camera
👭 Enough to pay a second shooter
👶 Nanny money
🏡 New house savings

 Not convinced? Put it to the test

Focus on the job at hand and let the Gifyyy Photobooth do the GIFs! 

Our sleek and simple design will be the perfect addition to your event.

Custom GIFs for your guests in 3 easy steps!

Step One:

When your guests approach Gifyyy, they are greeted with an instruction “Touch Me”

Step Two:

Guests strike pose or move around for their Gif. 

Step Three: 

They can then choose the quick frames or still photos that Gifyyy captured and have it sent to their phone.

Then repeat!

If a phone number is entered, Gifyyy will send an SMS with a link to a Gifyyy-generated webpage. This webpage will include their GIF, your brand information, social media sharing capabilities and access to a gallery of all the GIFs from that event.

See it in action

Gifyyy’s design is paired with a powerful web-based admin system, making it not only easy for guests, but easy for management as well.

Gifyyy iPad App

  • Intuitive iPad Photobooth app
  • SLOWMO compatibility
  • Boomerang style gifs, videos, and still photos
  • 100% brandable - add your own overlays and logos
  • Optional still or moving images
  • Powerful camera adjustments and settings
  • SMS text message delivery - secondary email capture
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Offline data safeguard
  • Slideshow viewings

Gifyyy Web Platform

  • 100% white label
  • Social and Email sharing capabilities
  • Customizable galleries and mini-sites
  • Brandable graphic overlays — upload images, frames, or text
  • Remarketing tools to stay in touch with guests
  • Adjustable gallery access settings
  • Event statistics and analytics
  • Powerful showcase options for live slideshows
  • Automated event billing (five events free with purchase price, and then $29 per event)

Gifyyy Hardware

  • Lightweight, Portable
  • 30 second setup
  • Battery pack option
  • Beautiful, handcrafted, stabilized wood legs
  • Carrying case that fits the bill
  • Our guests couldn't stop talking about it and the pictures themselves are hilarious.

    - Megan M

  • Our guests were using it all night long, from the kids to the older folks :) It truly is just as good, if not better than a photo booth.

    - Kelly S

  • The system is extremely easy to use, and guests were very impressed that the clip was sent directly to their phones.

    - Rachel L

Pick the Gifyyy kit that's right for you!

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