We like simple so much we built our own software. We think you'll like it too.

At the core of the Gifyyy experience is our iPad app. The App presents event guests with one of the simplest point-of-use experiences of any photobooth on the market. It's simple enough that the booth can run un-attended.

a Gifyyy photo booth setup, with an iPad running the Gifyyy software

For guests, the iPad issues a simple instruction: "touch me". When touched, the iPad offers guests a 3, 2, 1 countdown, and captures an image. This can be an animated GIF composed from a quick series of frames, a short smooth video clip, a still image, a group of still images, or even a slow-motion video, depending on how you have the event configured.

From here the iPad presents two options, "again", and "send it to me". "Again" tees up the camera to make another image. "Send it to me" prompts the user for a phone number, which our servers will use to send the user an SMS with a link to a branded page with their GIF, social sharing options, and a live-stream of all the content from their event.

Setting up an event is as simple as entering a title and a location. You can set the default country code for phone number entry, although guests can change this when they enter their number.

A person's hand is interacting with the Gifyyy photo booth, entering phone numbers

The admin area of the iPad app let's you browse and manage previous previous events, or create a new one. Each event shows statistics on how many images were made, how many phone numbers entered, and how many of each of these uploaded. Wireless networks aren't always 100% reliable, so in the event that any GIFs didn't upload successfully, you can trigger an upload, to finish uploading the content from an event. Any remaining text messages will be sent at this time.

You can also choose to shoot more images into an existing event. This means you can set an event up ahead of time, and when it's time to set Gifyyy up, simply select that event and start shooting.

The iPad app pairs with your Gifyyy account using a simple code. A web login allows you to dive deeper. Customise event branding; set up custom image overlays, watermarks, or frames; and use our powerful txtomation system to keep in touch with guests after the event.

Gifyyy is the first photo booth that helps you keep in touch with event guests, and in turn will get you more bookings. Our Txtomation system allows you to create automated, scheduled messages that send to every person who uses Gifyyy at your event. For example, you can tell it to send a text message the day after your event, and then a unique email 1 week later - 100% automatically, 100% easy.