1. Sale of Photo Booth. Customer hereby agrees to purchase under the payment plan as described below from Company the Gifyyy Photo Booth Unit (“Photo Booth”) as set forth in the attached invoice, which is incorporated herein by reference.

  2. Purchase Plan. Customer has choice of paying for Photo Booth using a 6 to 12 month period following initial retainer payment. To purchase the Photo Booth, Customer shall make one initial payment of $1,500 (USD) or more, and additional payments in accordance with the following terms:

    Customer shall make consecutive monthly payments via online payment portal or Paypal invoice sent by Company. Full balance must be paid in full within 12 months of initial retainer payment.

    Customer agrees and understands that shall Customer fail to make prompt payment, Customer must immediately notify Company.

    Payment not made within five (5) days of each invoice or due date, Customer will be subject to a 10% late fee based on the total balance owed, and Customer’s Gifyyy Application Account and Customer’s Gifyyy Online Account will be suspended.

  3. Failure to Make Payment. Customer’s failure to make timely payment, Company has the right to invoke acceleration of payment and Customer must immediately pay the unpaid balance, as well as interest that accumulated. Failure to make payment in full will be considered a breach of this agreement. Company may invoke the collection process and Customer agrees to pay all reasonable legal fees, collection and enforcement charges to the extent permissible by law. Company may exercise the remedies contained in the Uniform Commercial Code and all other remedies legally available.