Hardware Design

A photograph of Gifyyy's wooden tripod legs with the Gifyyy logo etched into the wood

When we sat down to think about how Gifyyy looked, the light ring was a no-brainer. We needed something that could work in a dingy office party, an outdoor reception, or on a clubby dancefloor. And in bright daylight it sparkles and shines, and reaches out and grabs curiosity from across the room. And we knew we wanted to work with the iPad. And the whole thing had to be small and light, so you could carry it with one hand.

It was important to us that Gifyyy brought some class to the world. If we made it look too much like a piece of modern photography equipment, people might be nervous to play with it. Chasing and aesthetic cribbed straight from a 1950's tripod we *loved*, we built Gifyyy to feel like an item of high end furniture; an architectural object. When we couldn't find hide nor hair of the firm that originally manufactured those tripods, we looked for an alternative. Our LED electronics is assembled in China by a company with longstanding expertise building continuous lighting, but everything else that goes into Gifyyy is planed, sanded, lathed, rivetted, washed, and bolted together right here in the USA. In Iowa actually.

Rock on Iowa, you're awesome.