7 Tips for Finding a Quality iPad Photo Booth for Sale

7 Tips for Finding a Quality iPad Photo Booth for Sale

Photobooths have captured people's imaginations and different poses since 1925. However, in recent years the types of photo booths have expanded with exciting new technology capabilities and features. One of the most popular photobooths is now the iPad photo booth.

An iPad photo booth is a perfect addition to any event. It is also a great option for many event photographers, with many benefits such as extra event photos, passive income, and fun features.

However, not all photo booths are created equally. If you are looking for an iPad photo booth for sale, follow these seven tips to find the best option for your needs. 

1. Check Set-up Process

When looking at types of photo booths, the iPad photo booth often makes the top of the list because it is portable. When looking for a booth for sale, check that it has utilized its portability capabilities.

You want a photo booth you can transport and set up with ease that does not sacrifice quality. Many iPad photo booths come with carrying cases and quick setup times of less than a minute. So, the booth can aid your event, not hinder it with a complicated setup. 

If you are looking for an iPad photo booth for your business, check you can also set up branding on the booth. You want a booth where you can easily add overlays or logos to support your branding. 

2. User-friendly Settings

A new photo booth can quickly bring joy to any event or kill the mood if it is complicated to use. Guests should be able to navigate the app with ease, making it accessible to everyone, even those who do not spend a lot of time on technology.

A user-friendly booth also means no attendant is required to manage it, which makes it a more cost-effective investment for you. Plus, guests will feel more comfortable trying different photos and are likely to spend longer using the booth. 

3. Smartphone Integration

Over 1.72 trillion photos are taken every year, and many of them end up online. However, you do not want to have to go through every photo booth image to make it possible for guests to view photos.

Instead, pick an iPad photo booth for sale that has integrative features that allow guests to send images directly to themselves. It is way more appealing for guests and easier for you to pick a booth with integrative features. They are more likely to use the booth knowing they can access photos on their phone, and it is an efficient way to photo share. 

4. Fun Features

One of the benefits of investing in a new photo booth is the many functions they now have. Why limit yourself to a traditional photo booth when you can utilize all the advances in technology?

For example, Gifyyy features a range of fun features to ensure the booth leaves a lasting impression. Features include filters, customizable galleries and a live slide-show mode you can project on a screen in the venue, still photos, videos, and boomerang-style gifs. Guests can choose what type of photo booth experience they want and can have fun with the animated GIF results. 

Unique features such as this make your photo booth stand out and appeal to guests at events. It is a unique way to capture an event, while you can focus on other aspects of your event photography job or simply enjoy your event!

You can also check if there are additional features you can add to your booth, such as a battery pack for power management. 

5. Offline Capabilities 

When searching for an iPad photo booth for sale, do not overlook the importance of offline capabilities. While internet coverage generally tends to be good in most areas, you never know when you are in a remote spot that does not even have the long-forgotten 3G or even E, which can send shudders down an internet lover's spine. 

If you pick an iPad photo booth with offline capabilities, there is no need to panic. You can choose an option that stores images in their app instead, so you have control over when to send out the photos, which guarantees you can leave a lasting impression.

Nothing is worse than losing all the images or pictures being sent out at an inappropriate time in the night due to internet connectivity issues. 

6. Marketing Options

When investing in a photo booth, there are lots of ways you can quickly earn your investment back. However, why not utilize your photo booth in other ways too? Look for an iPad photo booth for sale that offers marketing capabilities, so you can spread the word about your business and leave a lasting impression.

For example, Gifyyy offers marketing tools to help you keep in touch with guests. You can use the follow-up email and SMS capture tools to stay in touch with guests. There is also the option to add additional features such as business card holders and business education packs.

7. Company Values

You also want to pick a reputable company when picking an iPad photo booth for sale. Pick a company with the skills, experience, and passion for what they do. You are more likely to have a positive customer service experience and get a high-quality photo booth. 

You can also check company reviews for peace of mind. The company may display its history and where the product is made, which is the type of transparency you want when investing in an iPad photo booth. Check payment plans and warranty options before committing to a purchase.

The Best iPad Photo Booth for Sale

It is an exciting time to invest in a new photo booth, as long as you take the time to find an iPad photo booth for sale that will make the investment worthwhile.

We created Gifyyy because we wanted a beautiful photo booth that would streamline workflows, support marketing efforts, and be a memorable addition to any event. Our kit combines sophisticated hardware with unparalleled simplicity to support your event needs.

Are you ready to make the investment? Check out our Gifyyy Kits to get started. 

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